“Good” for your body–On exercising and exploring the city

Few people know how to take a walk. The qualifications are endurance, plain clothes, old shoes, an eye for nature, good humor, vast curiosity, good speech, good silence and nothing too much.     

Ralph Waldo Emerson

The modern person recognizes how important exercising means to your body. But exercising works on things way beyond that. With good planning, a walk could turn into a lesson for your mind and your senses.

While people realize the necessity of an active lifestyle, only a portion of them finds enjoyment during so. Many people find the process of “exercising” excruciating to their body and mind when first picking up the habit. If significant atonements do not happen on their physique after a couple tries, many give up without lasting. But exercising needs not to be judged solely on its outcomes.  By changing the way you exercise, you get a truly all-around workout which transforms your inner self as well. If one finds the process enjoyable and pleasing, he would more than likely to sustain the habit and carry on.

  1. Change the patterns you exercise.

By treating exercises as routines, one reduces it to the roles of repetitive tasks like taking out the trash or cleaning the house. Soon one loses excitement and anticipation towards precipitation and the sensation of fatigue.

A good way would be to constantly change the way you exercise. Sticking to only one types of workout is certainly not as fun as mixing up different types. If one gets to run on Monday, swim on Wednesday, and hit the gym only on weekends, it certainly seems more exciting than staying all the time in the gym.

Even if you prefer a particular type of workout, doing the same thing in a novel situation or at another time would be many times more exciting. If you used to jog at Tsim Sha Tsui and became fed up by staring at the same buildings across the Harbour every time, a trial on the other side (HK Island) changes not only the view afar but the surroundings close by. The visual exhilaration stimulates your mind and fuels your desire to carry on and find out what lies ahead. Or, if you are used to running at night, you might find a world of differences just by performing the same routine at dusk, as the sun slowly creeps up behind the mountains afar. Just find the right time and the right place and you’ll be fine, I assure you!

2. Don’t think too much about how tired you are

While it’s tough trying focusing on yourself during sports, sometimes forgetting yourself can alleviate the agony. People naturally become self-absorbed in exercising. They focus on recalling particular skills or tactics, especially in team sports, as any fumbles put themselves and their team in jeopardy.

Still, exercising will be relegated to a procedure of overcoming pain if one is drawn to merely his personal physical sensations and nothing else. By diverting his focus away from his inner exhaustion and into his other sensations, not only is the tiredness greatly allayed, the whole process becomes more pleasant.

I had the capacity of meeting Mr. Chan Siu-Cheuk, the principle of Zheng Sheng College who happens to be a marathon lover at the age of 58 during the trip to Siem Reap. Upon completing formidable tasks the day before, he isn’t slightly bothered by the fatigue–waking at 5am daily,  he would go on a morning run for around an hour and a half. When I asked how he managed to maintain his passion, he indicated that he loved seeing the alluring scenery of the town as people started to get up and perform the daily chores. The level of observation he’s gained during his practices was not something one accomplishes by dedicating the session to himself and not to the environment or the surroundings he’s situated in. To be fair, separating bodily suffers may be a tall task for people without prior yoga experience, but it is worth a shot!

3. Keep track of exercising by words or photos

Since picking up the habit of exercising 4 months ago, I found myself going through a profound transformation. The abundance of videos on YouTube: “Cutting in 10 Days”, “The Perfect Shoulder Workout”, to name but a few, speaks volumes of the emancipatory effects of sports. To me, its influence on me comes as a close second, only behind traveling itself. After dedicating a site just to share traveling experiences,  I found myself loving travel more than ever. When you frequently track back particular moments performing a certain task, no doubt your thoughts become more engrossed in that task itself.

Certainly opening a blog or website helps a lot in getting you to look into the details of exercising. You’d get to think about workout as a whole in retrospect. This also shows the changes in your body better as you would better track the whole transformation procedure from start. It curtails the phenomenon where people give up because exercising, they say, “doesn’t work”. While it does take time managing the platform, you’d be astonished by its incredible cost-effectiveness and the train of ensuing impacts by the feedback from your readers.

And what about “Exploring the city”? Here, I’ll let photos do the talk. All taken while jogging!

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4 Things I Do To Stay Active And Exercise While Traveling, September 5, 2017, Not Enough Cinnamon

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